Yoga of abiding in worship-worthy places

Welcome smileto KANGTEGA.name

The Website is named after the Himalayan top of Kantega Sphinx 6685m.

Don Juan Tsu taught thatin order to get to the essence of what is written or seen
we must use our ability to be imbued with sympathy and to give way to your fantasy
in order to leave the borders of a page or a photo and to get into Experience itself.


     The main goals of Kantega website - -


Distribution of Vedic Knowledge being protection from degradation and extinction
in conditions of living in the modern parasite system and the global slavery civilization being created
where peoples turn into population, and population turns into insatiable Cadaveric users destroying the
planet and other life forms on it for the sake of consumption and fun
Carrying out Vedic Pilgrimages in Nepal, Himalayas and the Crimea
Self-spiritualizing by means of being in Beautiful and Clean Places
Creating Spiritualizing Spaces in the Internet and wakening these Spaces in humans

And finally help in healing Avidya
Being the most horrible disease inherited by living creatures


Finding Gladness in yourself –

that is the true point of travelling,
seeking for completeness of [other] things –
that is the untrue point of travelling.

Travelling – what a perfection it is!

In case with a perfect travelling we don’t know where we are going to;
In case with a perfect contemplation we don’t know what we are looking at.

Visiting all the corners of the world without any exceptions and to see all the views of the world –
that is what I call perfect travelling.



Addiction of two Warriors

“Henaro’s love is this world – he said. – he has just been embracing this enormously big earth, but because of the fact that he is so small he can just swim in it. But the earth knows that Henaro loves it and it presents him with its care. And that is the reason why Henaro’s life is brim-full. And wherever he is he will always obtain this wealth. Henaro is wandering the roads of his love, and he feels his fullness everywhere”.

Don Juan squatted down in front of us, he patted the earth gently.
 “This is addiction of two warriors, - he said. – This earth, this world. There isn’t a bigger love for a warrior.”

Don Henaro stood up and squatted next to Don Juan for a moment. They were fixedly looking at each other and then they simultaneously sat down with their legs crossed.
 “And only if you love this earth with a permanent passion you can get free of your sorrow, - Don Juan said. – A warrior is always cheerful because his love is permanent and his beloved earth embraces him showering with the greatest gifts. Sorrow belongs only to those who hate things that give them shelter.”

Don Juan patted the earth gently again.

“This beautiful creature, a living creature to its smallest trait, a creature being able to understand
any feelings,

it consoled me, healed me of pain and finally,

when I was ultimately sure about my love to it, it taught me Freedom. ”

C. Castaneda “Tales of Power”